One of the newer tattoo shops in Kamloops,
We offer excellent service, great quality tattoos, at a fair price.
Fine line Tattoos, Tribal tattoos, Haida Tattoos, Cover up Tattoos, Custom Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, and much more.
We have the latest in after-care with Saniderm, which can heal Tattoo within 1-2 weeks.
By Appointment, and Walk-ins are welcome too.

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Juneseidrl On: May 18, 2018 At: 11:12 AM
I heard about the students getting there last grade am I would love a freel tattoo
As I am deaf and received one years ago from your business and really would like one again please
shaina kloska On: Jan 10, 2018 At: 1:59 PM
I was wondering if i could get an estimate on this tattoo.
Shane McLeod On: Aug 9, 2017 At: 9:00 PM
Hey I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me how much this costs? Also appointment for Friday?
Guest On: Oct 29, 2014 At: 12:37 PM
This is a perfect example of a well done tattoo.
Henry & Niomi On: Jul 28, 2013 At: 6:28 AM
Glad to see all's well.Belize??Keep in touch
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