Permanent mark or design made on the body by pigment introduced through ruptures in the skin. The term is also loosely applied to the inducement of scars (cicatrization). Tattooing has been practiced in most parts of the world, and examples have been found on Egyptian and Nubian mummies dating from 2000 BC . Decoration is perhaps the most common motive, though designs may also serve to identify rank, status, or membership and are thought by some to provide magical protection against sickness or misfortune. The word comes from Tahiti, where it was recorded by James Cook's expedition in 1769. The first electric tattooing implement was patented in the U.S. in 1891.

Tribal Tattoo:
Blue Orchid Tattoo uses Time Machine Triple Black for Tribal Tattoos
with amazing long lasting results.
Tribal Tattoos have been inspired by Polynesian and Maori art and Blue orchid Tattoo is happy to carry on the tradition.
Blue Orchid Tattoo would be happy to help design and tattoo your next custom Tribal art.

Blue Orchid Tattoo Haida Tattoo

Haida Tattoo:

The ancient art of Haida Tattooing represents crests, a symbol of status, social adornment or self-adorment.

Blue Orchid Tattoo would be honored to custom design and tattoo your next Haida Tattoo.

Blue Orichd Tattoo does First NationsTattoos as well as Haida Tattoos.

Blue Orchid Tattoo is proud to support this tradition of passing accient wisdom through the sharing or art.

Fine Line Tattoo:

Fine Line Tattoos are one of the newer styles of tattoos, with the advancement of tattoo machines, inks, and needles Blue Orchid Tattoo can add more detail and special effects into your artwork.

Fine Lines are often used in Portrait tattoos, another one of Blue Orchid Tattoos specialties.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Vibrant Tattoo


While Blue Orchid Tattoo does not condone scarification, we are confident that with our state of the art Tattoo Machines and vibrants inks, Blue Orchid Tattoo can custom desgin and tattoo your next work of art!

Portrait Tattoo:

At Blue Orchid Tattoo our extremly skilled Artists can convey a person's likeness onto your skin!

Some Portraits are ment to show love, admiration, loss or birth.

Portrait Tattoos are often created using Fine Line Tattooing another one of Blue Orchid Tattoos specialties.

Blue Orchid Tattoo would be proud to create a photo realistic Portrait Tattoo just for you!

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Cover up Tattoos

Cover Up Tattoo:

Blue Orchid Tattoo specializes in Cover Ups or Re-working tattoos.

Using color and technique to hide an old tattoo with a new one or just having the old tattoo re-lined and re-colored to make it look as it should, at Blue Orchid Tattoo we have the experience and the tools to make any old tattoo a new master peice again!

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Traditional Tattoo

Traditional Tattoo:

Traditional tattoos were popular in the 1800s and continue to be a popular style of tattoo today. They may also be referred to as "old school" and "nautical" tattoos.  

Common traditional designs include (but are not limited to) mermaids, anchors, ships, pinups, banners, and sparrows.

At Blue Orchid Tattoo, our skilled artists will confidentally design and tattoo your next piece.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of pin-up Tattoos

Pin-Up Tattoo:

Pin-up girls have a long history in the field of tattoos. Traditionally, a pin-up girl translates to a woman who is so beautiful that you would pin up a picture of her on your wall. They often feature other symbols such as an anchor, or horseshoe and her entire body is featured in a pose. 

At Blue Orchid Tattoo, we would be happy to create and tattoo a pin-up design for you to enjoy for years to come.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of bio-mechanical Tattoos

Bio-mechanical Tattoo:

Bio-mechanical is a style that combines the human anatomy and machines. It is often found in areas of the body with curve such as a bicep, shoulder, or side.

Blue Orchid Tattoo is familiar with this unique tattooing style and we would love to design and tattoo your next bio-mechanical piece.


Blue Orchid Tattoo example of lettering Tattoos

Lettering Tattoo:

Lettering tattoos are very popular and can come in a variety of font styles, which you can select at Blue Orchid Tattoo. Lettering can be placed on the body on its own, or as an addition to another artwork.

Blue Orchid Tattoo takes pride in the crisp and long lasting result of our tattoos, and would be happy to tattoo your next lettering piece.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Colour Tattoos

Colour Tattoo:

Colour Tattoos can be vivid or subtle depending on the effect wanted in the tattoo. Generaly colour is addded to a tattoo to make it stand out even more.

Blue Orchid Tattoo uses Demaglo Ink to ensure the most vibrant and long lasting colours in our tattoos.

Blue Orchid Tattoo takes great pride in creating a custom Colour Tattoo that is just right for you!

Grey Wash Tattoo:

Grey Wash is used when the black ink is diluted with water to lighten up the tint. Usually the black ink is dilluted at different degrees to have a wide range if shading densities.

Blue Orchid Tattoo applies that same technique for shading and realism.

Blue Orchid Tattoo uses Sliverback Ink diluted with distilled water to create the multidimetional effect that only quality materials and skilled artists can acheive.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Cartoon Tattoos

Cartoon Tattoo:

Cartoon Tattoos became largely popular in the 90's with it's Tasmanian Devil inspired tattoos. Now the cartooon inspired tattoo is making a comeback, Hello Kitty, Auto Bots, Decepticons, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, and much more!

At Blue Orchid Tattoo weve done it all, bold bright colours, fun and whimsical, as a stand alone piece or as part of an entire sleeve. Blue Orchid Tattoo can help you design your Cartoon Tattoo and transform your skin into a bold fun Cartoon Tattoo.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Realistic Tattoos

Realistic Tattoo:

Usually represented by portaits or true to life scenes/ landscapes that showcases the fine line detail of a photograph or painting. 

Blue Orchid Tattoo uses the finest Inks, Machines, and Needles to create the realism and detail that you are looking for!

Blue Orchid Tattoo would be happy to design and tattoo your next Realistic Tattoo.


Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoo:

The link between tattooing in religion goes back to the Egyptians. They would tattoo the dead so that they would have relative information when they passed to the other side.

The Christians would tattoo a cross inder the hand on the wrist to identify themselves to be devout Christian and a true believer as opposed to Roman Spies.

Blue Orchid Tattoo is very pleased to help design and tattoo any religous symbols or even an entire religious sleeve.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoo:

These designs are made up of intricate knots. Celtic comes in many forms; knots, crosses, spirals, trinity knots, tree of life, and animal forms.

This style of art represents the people from Gaelic, Welsh, and Breton folklore.

Blue Orchid Tattoo is happy to support this accient art form by designing and tattooing with the finest quality machines, inks and very talented artists.


Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Asian Tattoos

Asian / Oriental / Yakuza Tattoo:

Asian themes tattoos frequently using Koi fish, cherry blossoms, Buddah, lotus, dragon's, war dogs, samurai's or geisha's. Many of these are used in combination to tell a story as well as create a piece of timeless art. This type of tattoo is usually very detailed.

This is basically a tattoo that will cover the whole body, a strong single peice or an entire sleeve.

Blue Orchid Tattoo carefully plans out ahead of time before the work on any part of the body begins, this ensures the utmost care is taken in placement and consistency with your tattoo.

Blue Orchid Tattoo has extensive experience with Asian or Oriental Tattoos and would be happy to create and tattoo your next piece.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Horror Tattoos

Horror / Surrealist Tattoo:

This style covers everything from Salvador Dali to Fantasy monsters and incoherent nightmares. Full of symbolic scenes, stange dream-like scenarios, humor (sometimes the humor is gleeful, impish or sometimes it can have a sarcasrtic or cruel twist).

Blue Orchid Tattoo uses bizarre creatures and people to create continuity between the images, some are single images used to shock or catch you attention.

Blue Orchid Tattoo creates works of art on skin combining your ideas and images, our tools and skills for a quality Horror Tattoo.

Blue Orchid Tattoo example of Stonework Style Tattoos

Sonework Style Tattoo:

This style of tattooing is using shades of black and greys, colours can be used as well, to produce the cracked stone like quality throughout the tattoo.

These Stonework Style Tattoos tend to be more detailed and can really give a tattoo a very old and rustic feel.

At Blue Orchid Tattoo Stonework is usually produced with a finer line to really show off every little crack and chip in the tattoo.

Blue Orchid Tattoo would be pleased to help custom design and tattoo your next Stonework Style Tattoo.

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